Alondra Saldivar

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Meet the dancer

    Alondra, from Garden Grove, California, is 12 years old, and is currently studying in 7th grade. She has been dancing on the Passion y Tumbao Project of OCAC since she was 4 years old, a total of 9 years. She is a 2x World Silver Medalist in 3 salsa divisions with Passion y Tumbao. Her interests outside of salsa dancing are baking and watching Cupcake Wars and Chopped because of her interest in baking. Alondra’s whole life is dance, but in the future she wants to become a nurse or a teacher to help kids who struggle in school.

Why does she need a scholarship?

Because there are a lot of students in her classes, Alondra struggles in school sometimes.  Occasionally, she needs help focusing because there are a lot of distractions during class. She could use a little more support, but sometimes her teachers cannot help her when she needs help.  That is why she would love to go to Fairmont. Alondra knows she can get a quality education there, and she heard the teachers will make time to help students when they struggle. There are fewer kids in the classroom and she can then focus better.  At the same time, she can be a proud salsa dancer and dance for the school.


Alondra recalls, “In elementary school, I danced salsa with my dance teacher for a Cinco de Mayo Festival, and my classmates were making fun of me afterwards, saying what I was dancing was weird. They continued to make fun of me, saying it looked different and ugly, and then it made me pull out of dancing salsa at future school talent shows even until now.  I want to go to a school where I can dance and bring value to the school through doing what I love, where I do not have to be scared to show off my talent.”


Alondra feels that the international aspect of Fairmont is very intriguing.  She states, “Two years ago, I went to the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami, and it was a fun experience to see all the different kinds of dancers from different parts of the world, dancing different styles to different music.  I learned a lot because it made our team work together, be disciplined to compete, and interact with people from different parts of the world. I am excited about Fairmont because I think it is cool to meet people that leave their home to get a good education. They come to learn about America, and I can learn about their culture as well.


Alondra’s mom is excited about this possibility for her daughter to go to this awesome school.  She says, “As a parent, I am excited about this opportunity, an opportunity of a lifetime. I really hope it works out, not only for her education but also for her health.”

Why dance?

Alondra dances to express herself and because it is fun, but most importantly dance is  necessary for her health. Alondra is pre-diabetic, and dancing has been preventing her from becoming diabetic. Through dance, she can be active.  Every three months, she has a checkup, and the doctors says that dancing has helped her from becoming diabetic. Kids her age are not as active, and they gain weight because of the sugars due to their borderline diabetic conditions. Alondra has kept her weight stable, and dancing as much as she does has lowered her A1C level.  

According to Alondra’s mother, “Dancing is something you can do your whole life.  Salsa specifically is something that you can do even when you are 50-70 years old and still look great doing.  People can be ridiculed when they are older while dancing hip hop, ballet, or playing basketball or other sports. Those careers have an end date, but salsa can be lifelong and continue to be good for Alondra’s health.”  Alondra was born with two holes in her heart, which is called VSD, a heart birth defect. Alondra always says, “I dance for my heart with all my heart.”