Orange County Creative Arts Center

OCAC of Anaheim, California was founded in 2011.  It was founded by two dance directors, Brenda Huey-Rosas and Marco Rosas, and the parents of their dancers who all volunteer their time to the kids and OCAC’s programs. OCAC is a 501C3 non-profit corporation that continually gives back to the community and spreads their passion of creative arts and Latin dance to the rest of the world.

Through its Passion y Tumbao Project, OCAC delivers a world-class Latin dance education to kids ages 3-17 and are currently 2x World Silver Medalists in 4 different salsa children and junior categories. At OCAC, Lotus Arts Project offers classes of tumbling and choreography of ballet, lyrical, tumbling, kung fu, and Chinese folk. With the Passion y Tumbao Project and Lotus Arts Project, students perform at community events, in salsa festivals around the world, and participate in high level competitions. In addition, OCAC values the education of its dancers and Latin dancers around the world. Through its Dance for Education Project, OCAC is trying to raise funds to give full-ride scholarships to its own Latin dancers to get an elite private school education here in Anaheim. In this way, the dancers can start a Latin dance competition team for the school to then attract other Latin dancers around the world to join them to get a world-class education.

OCAC (located in Passion Y Tumbao Dance Studio)

1830 Lincoln Ave, Suite B, Anaheim,CA 92801

Tel: 415-713-2218 (English)

Tel: 562-852-5332 (Spanish)

email: /

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